Recital and Dress Rehearsal Information 2019


Dress Rehearsal for the Recital 2019

Date: Friday, May 31, 2019

Time: dancers must arrive and start check in by 3:30 pm. We will start at 4:00 pm.

Location: Ridge Performing Arts Center at Ridge High School

                 268 South Finley Avenue

                 Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Dress Rehearsal: The dress rehearsal is the only time the children have to practice on stage, get the kinks out and run through the show as if it is the real thing. It helps each child feel comfortable on stage and helps ensure that everything runs smoothly on recital day.  It is very important that all students be there!

  • One parent/guardian ONLY will be permitted to attend the dress rehearsal.

  • Please check your child in at the reception table in the lobby of the theater upon arrival. 

  • Students should arrive in their first costume with hair and make-up complete for their first routine. Please check the Performance Order list to know which routine is first.

  • The finale will be rehearsed first; therefore as students arrive they will receive an index card with  their finale number on it.

  • Students should line up for the finale according to their numbers.

  • After the finale run-thru, students will be brought into the theater to sit in a designated section of the theater with their class. Signs with routine names for each class will be posted on their designated section.

  • The students will be brought back stage when it is their performance time and brought back to their designated seating area afterward.

  • For students who have costume changes, they can go to assigned dressing room to change into their next costume.

  • A parent/guardian is responsible for helping their child with costume changes at dress rehearsal.

  • After their costume change, they can then come out into the theater again and sit with their group until their next performance time. This will give students the opportunity to actually see the show.

  • Students may leave the dress rehearsal as soon as their routines are done, if their parents choose.

  • Please check out at the reception table when you leave.

  • Dress Rehearsal Raffle: Students who register for MPD classes for the 2019-2020 season by May 17th will automatically be entered into a raffle to win one free tuition installment (for one 45 min. class) for 2019-2020. We will pick and announce the winner at dress rehearsal on May 31st! The parent/family member or dancer of the family chosen must be present to redeem prize!

Recital 2019

Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019

Time: Dancers must arrive and check in at 1:15 pm, show begins at 2:00pm

 Location: Ridge Performing Arts Center at Ridge High School

                   268 South Finley Avenue

                   Basking Ridge, NJ 07920


  • Parents check in your child/children in at the reception table in the lobby of the theater.

  • At check in you will find out your child’s dressing room assignment.

  • Students will stay in their assigned dressing room for the whole show.

  • Please bring games, books, coloring, I pads etc. to keep children occupied.

  • All students must stay for the entire event, finale and awards after the finale.

  • Parent volunteers and MPD staff ONLY will be allowed in the dressing rooms the day of the recital.

  • If you wish to be a parent volunteer please read below info.

  • One parent ONLY can pick their child up after the show ends from the dressing room.

Recital Costume Pick-Up: Recital costume pick up is the week of April 29th! Please sign out your recital costumes upon pick up. Please keep in mind all tuition, costume payments and outstanding balances MUST be paid in full before taking costumes home! Please log onto your account to check your balance.  Details on recital hair, make-up, tights, shoes etc. for each class is posted on our website. Click on the "Recital" tab on our website for all recital info.!

Parent Volunteers Are Needed. Please sign-up to be a dressing room volunteer! We will need volunteers to monitor dressing rooms, keep track of the students in your assigned dressing rooms, assist with costume or hair changes, make sure students are ready to go at their scheduled performance time, and walk young students to the bathroom.  Parent volunteers and MPD staff will ONLY we allowed in the dressing rooms so if you think you are going to want to be in the dressing room, please sign up to be a parent volunteer. We will have reserved seating for parent volunteers so you do not need to purchase a recital ticket. You may use the reserved seats if you wish. *Sign up at the MPD front desk or e mail MPD!


Parent Volunteer Info: At recital, please check-in at the reception table in the lobby to pick up your name tag ID and dressing room assignment. Please take attendance as soon as students arrive.  Also, please arrange with the other volunteers when you each can take a turn to leave the dressing room to see your own child perform. At no time should students be left without any supervisionParent Volunteers can sit in reserved seats to watch their child perform. Parents are NOT permitted backstage. Thank you for your cooperation!

**Only designated volunteers with MPD ID’s and MPD staff members will be allowed in the dressing rooms at recital. This is for organizational reasons and for the safety of our students. We ask that you please respect this. If you think you might want to go in the dressing rooms at any point during the recital, please sign up to be a volunteer. 


Photos/Video Taping: Flash photography and videotaping are NOT permitted during the recital. This is distracting to the dancers and to other audience members. DRC Video will be professionally recording the MPD recital! The recital video will be distributed (to those who choose to purchase it) via Using for your videos allows you the freedom to view your video anywhere, anytime. Watch on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smart TV etc. You can use the website on any device with an internet browser. The best part is, you no longer have to come in to pick up your recital DVD! It is a great way to capture and remember this special event! To purchase our recital video via Dance Bug please use the link below. All orders must be placed through DRC video store via this link. MPD will not be able to take orders.

Use the link below to order your recital video (Cost: $35):

*The show will be ready for distribution about 2-3 weeks after the recital. Families should place their orders before the show, this way there is no delay in releasing the show. On August 1, 2019, users can download the performances to save for offline viewing or storage.

Recital Tickets: Students performing in the recital will not need to purchase a ticket. Anyone occupying a seat will need to purchase a recital ticket. Tickets will be on sale May 17th at 6 am. Tickets ($15 each) are sold on-line at Use the “tickets” link at the top right of the home page. You will be asked to select seats (6 ticket maximum per transaction) and pay by credit card. Confirmations will be e-mailed. Please show your printed confirmation at the recital to enter. Tickets purchased are non-refundable/non-returnable. Any unsold tickets will be sold in the lobby just before show time. 

Finale/Pick Up: All students will learn the Finale, which takes place at the end of the show. All students should stay to perform in the finale and receive their award at the end of the show.  After the recital, dancers will be dismissed to their dressing roos where one parent ONLY is permitted back to pick their child up after the show.  At dress rehearsal students can leave after their last routine is done but they are welcome to stay and watch the performances if they choose.

Lanyards: Perfect attendance students will receive special pins this year. We have black lanyards with a Maximum Performance Dance card attached to it for sale for $6. These are great for collecting pins on each year. Please see the front desk to purchase one if your child would like one to collect their pins on and wear during the finale. 

Recital Tights/Shoes: Please read over the costume check-list and make sure that your child has the appropriate tights and shoes for their class. We recommend Capezio brand tights. We have a limited supply of recital tights in stock at the dance studio so if anyone needs to purchase them please see the front desk. If your child needs new dance shoes, we recommend: Accents Dancewear: 258 Springfield Ave, Berkeley Heights.

Recital T-shirts:   If you have ordered an MPD 2019 recital t-shirt, we would love for students to wear them in the finale of our recital! They may change into them or put them over their costume. Dancer’s participating in the Dad’s Dance should also wear a recital t-shirt over their costume for the dad’s dance routine! All dads participating in the dad’s dance will receive a FREE recital t-shirt to wear for the performance!

Recital Program Messages: Send a dreamy message to your shining star! Complete the recital message form and submit to MPD. All messages must be 2-lines and e mailed to MPD as you wish it to appear in the program. $5 per message.

Recital Costume Info. 2019

    Dancers should arrive at dress rehearsal and recital in costume with hair and make-up complete. If they are in more than one performance number, please check the performance order list to find out which costume is to be worn first. The following make-up colors will work for all costumes. Make-up:  tans, browns, grays on eyes, black mascara & eyeliner, peach or rose color blush, pinks, rose, or mauves for lip gloss or lip stick. 

 *For dress rehearsal and the recital please be sure to bring some safety pins to adjust straps if needed or to fix other costume emergencies. Also, if costume changes require a change in head piece/hair accessory, bring a hair brush, spray, and bobbypins.* Designated parent volunteers and MPD staff members will be assigned to each dressing room to assist.

 *All hair should be slick with gel and hairspray. Donuts and hairnets are suggested for making buns. Hats and other hairpieces need to be securely fastened with bobby pins and hair clips.

*Capezio brand tights are recommended and are available at the front desk. We have a limited supply of child and adult sizes.  Dancers with multiple costume and tight color changes may need to layer two pair.

*Costume Checklist:

  • All Ballet Classes- Ballet Pink Tights (Capezio), Pink Ballet Shoes

  • Monday Pre School Class “We Go Together”- Light Suntan Tights (Capezio), Black Ballet Shoes

  • All Acro Classes- Light Suntan Footless or Transitional Tights (Capezio), Barefoot

  • Jazz/ Hip Hop Classes (pre k/k, 1st-2nd gr., 3rd-4th gr.) & Jazz (Adv.)- Light Suntan Tights (Capezio), Black Jazz Shoes (slip on)

  • MPDC Broadway Jazz, MPDC Sr. Jazz- Black Fishnet Tights (Capezio), Black Jazz Shoes (slip on)

  • All Star Jazz- Light Suntan Tights, Tan Jazz Shoes (slip on)

  • All MPDC Lyrical Classes, Production, MPDC Jr., Pre-teen & Mini Jazz - Light Suntan Stirrup Tights, Tan Turners

  • Tap Combo & Tap Classes (1st-2nd gr. & Adv. Beg.)- Light Suntan Tights, Black tap Shoes (with ties)

  • Tap Classes (Int., Adv., & MPDC)- Light Suntan Tights Optional, Black Tap Shoes (with ties)

  • Hip Hop Classes (4th-6th gr., Adv. Beg./Int., Adv., MPDC Jr./Pre-teen, All Stars)- Light Suntan Tights Optional, Black Pastry Hip Hop Sneakers

  • MPDC SR. Hip Hop- Light Suntan Tights Optional, White Adidas Sneakers w/ Black Stripes

  • Boys Hip Hop- Black Sneakers

    *For students who are in Acro and other classes please make sure you are wearing transitional or stirrup tights depending on the tights needed for your other routines so you do not have to change tights.

    *All class tights and accessory info. will be posted on each costume for your convenience!

*Hair Information:

  • Monday Pre School Class “We Go Together” & Tuesday Jazz/Hip Hop #2 (1st-2nd gr) “Hair in the Air”- High pony tail w/ curls.

  • All other classes- low bun with side part (parted over right eye) *Use donut/bun maker

    *All hair and hair accessory info. will be pinned to each costume for your convenience!

    *bobby pin all hair accessories to hair to ensure they stay in!


recital bun .jpeg

Recital Bun

low bun with side part (part over right eye)

Recital Order 2019

  1. J Lo (MPDC Production)

  2. Dance of the Little Soldiers (Ballet/Tap 1st-2nd gr.)

  3. 24K Magic (Jazz/Hip Hop 3rd-4th gr.)

  4. California Girls (MPDC Jr. Jazz)

  5. Thumbelina (Ballet/Tap Pre-k/K )

  6. Maybe (Modern)

  7. We Go Together (Pre-school Dance)

  8. Lose Control (MPDC Jr./Pre-teen Hip Hop)

  9. Springtime (Ballet 3rd-4th gr.)

  10. Firework (Jazz Adv.)

  11. Hair In The Air (Jazz/Hip Hop #2 1st-2nd gr.)

  12. Rainbow (MPDC Petite Lyrical)

  13. Jersey (All Star Hip Hop)

  14. No Bad News (Tap Adv. Beg.)

  15. Starships (Jazz/Hip Hop Pre-k/K)

  16. Call on Me (Lyrical Adv. Beg/Int.)

  17. Boy Band Stars (Boys Hip Hop)

  18. Run Boy Run (Tap Int.)

  19. Walking on Sunshine (MPDC Mini Jazz)

  20. Fuego (MPDC Sr. Hip Hop)

  21. Video Stars (Jazz/Hip Hop 1st-2nd gr.)

  22. I Wont’ Give Up (MPDC Pre-teen Lyrical)

  23. Ruby Blue (Jazz Adv. Beg./Int.)

  24. Spanish Rose (Ballet 5th-6th gr.)

  25. Where Have You Been (MPDC Sr. Jazz)

  26. Hawaiian Roller Coaster (Acro Beg.)

  27. Never Had A Friend Like Me (Acro Adv. Beg.)

  28. 80’s Mix (Acro Int.)

Intermission (10 min)

29.Think (MPDC Pre-teen Jazz)

30. Every Heart (MPDC Jr. Lyrical)

31. Shake It Up (Jazz 5th-6th gr.)

32.Honky Tonk Shuffle (Ballet/Tap 1st-2nd gr.)

33. Level Up (Hip Hop Adv.)

34. Beautiful People (All Star Jazz)

35. I Want You Back (MPDC Petite Jazz)

36. Cake (Hip Hop 4th-6th gr.)

37. Already Gone (Lyrical/Contemporary Adv.)

38. What The World Needs Now (MPDC Sr. Lyrical)

39. Uptown Funk (Hip Hop Adv. Beg./Int.)

40. Rewrite The Stars (Lyrical 3rd-5th gr.)

41. Fade (Tap Adv./MPDC Sr. Tap)

42. Rock & Roll (Acro Int./Adv.)

43. Reach for the Stars (Acro Adv.)

*Senior Feature

44. Dad’s Dance

45. Sing With A Swing (MPDC Broadway Jazz)

Finale- Baby I’m a Star (All MPD students)