Jazz- Jazz is the type of dancing you might see in music videos or on Broadway, There are many different styles of Jazz…and we do them all at MP Dance. Jazz incorporates movement with technique, such as leaps, jumps, turns, kicks and more. We learn fun, stylized jazz routines while increasing flexibility/coordination and perfecting technique.

Hip Hop- Hip hop is a huge trend in dance right now! It’s the type of dancing you see backup dancers do in music videos, on TV or even at concerts. It’s also very popular with dance teams across the world! Hip hop dancers at MPD are encouraged to express their attitude and individual style while performing hip hop steps and break dancing moves. Students will have a blast learning exciting choreography to the latest music, while also building coordination, stamina and strength. *All boys class is also offered.

Ballet- Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms. Our program is designed to bring training of the highest artistic standards to our students. Classes stress proper body alignment. Dancers will work to develop proper technique, build strength, balance, coordination and poise. *Pointe classes are available to students ages 11 & up with teacher recommendation.

Tap- Have you ever been excited watching tap dancers make syncopated rhythms with their feet in Broadway shows? Do you love making rhythms or tapping your feet to the best of your favorite song? Then tap is for you! Our tap program helps the dancer to understand and feel the rhythms of their taps and the music while building strength in their feet and increasing coordination. From rhythm style to Broadway style to funky style tap…we’ve got it all!

Musical Theater- If you dream of being on stage…then you will love this class! Musical theater combines music, dancing and acting to songs from some of the most loved Broadway shows! Dancers will learn performance skills and stage presence in order to help provide a well-rounded basis with which to approach a dance/character role in a musical production.

Lyrical- Lyrical is a beautiful blend of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. Students learn to express themselves through dance and creative movement. They learn to connect with music through technical dancing.  *Prior technical training is suggested.

Modern- Modern is a form of Contemporary dance, a style of free and expressive theatrical dancing where dancers learn to use their entire body in movements expressive of abstract ideas.

Acrobatics- Acro combines gymnastics, flexibility, coordination, strength and performing arts all in one. Our acrobatics program helps to build upon all of the skills listed above. Children learn and perfect gymnastics/tumbling skills such as cartwheels, round offs, backbends, back walkovers, back handsprings and more through leveled classes, which are designed to teach skills through a progression.