About US

MPD Artistic Director, Marla Leonow, has loved to dance since the time she could walk. She started training and competing in dance and gymnastics at a very young age and hasn't stopped dancing since. Through the years, Marla discovered a love and talent for teaching others. In high school and throughout college she taught dance, gymnastics and swimming to young children. Years later she became an elementary school teacher. She always dreamed of someday being a professional dancer, so with hard work and perseverance, she set out to achieve her goal. She danced professionally for several years. Marla yearned to share her love and passion for dance with others. She believed that if she combined her teaching abilities with her passion for dance, she could inspire others to dream big and develop a passion too! With a lot of hard work and the support of family and friends, Marla's dream came true...she opened Maximum Performance Dance in August 2011. 

MPD Mission Statement:

Maximum Performance Dance is built on a passion for dance and teaching! At MPD we deliver the perfect blend of quality instruction in a community environment where our dancers become family. We differentiate our instruction to meet the individual needs of our students and build motivation and a sense of pride through positive reinforcement and a feeling of accomplishment. We not only help children to develop the skills necessary for becoming great dancers/performers but we also teach life skills such as dedication, teamwork, persistence, compassion and more!

3 Levels of Commitment/Training:

*Maximum Level

MPDC (Maximum Performance Dance Company): The Maximum Performance Dance Company is an competitive dance company composed of a select group of dancers, invited to have the opportunity to receive elite technical/performance training, work with master teachers and learn advanced/cutting edge choreography in order to compete and perform at many competitions and events. We are excited for our upcoming season as we take the MPDC to a whole new level and welcome one of the biggest names in the dance industry...Frankie Zulferino! He will be choreographing our production number and we can’t wait!! We will keep everyone posted on our competition dates as they approach, because we would love the support of our fellow students and friends!!

*Performance Level

All Stars: The MPD All Stars are a group of select dancers who take their training up a notch and build upon their technical and performance skills. They perform at community events such as the Stirling Street Fair and the Sunrise Senior Living Center. They also compete at two dance competitions! This year the All Stars have two routine selections... jazz and hip hop! We will keep you informed of their performance/competition dates because we would love to have you attend!

*D.A.N.C.E Level (Dream. Activate. Nurture. Connect. Enrich)

MPD classes: Our MPD classes are designed to deliver quality instruction to our students with a nurturing, caring atmosphere. Our goal is to help our students dream big and reach for the stars. We teach our students proper technique while keeping them engaged and active. Our studio creates an atmosphere where friendships can blossom and confidence can build.

Why Choose Maximum Performance Dance?

  • MP Dance instructors have worked professionally in the dance industry and have extensive training in all areas of dance, as well as cheerleading, gymnastics and acrobatics. Our staff is comprised of skilled choreographers, who have received awards for their creative, dynamic choreography. MPD instructors also have years of teaching experience to children of all ages. (Check out our instructor bios on our Staff page)

  • MPD provides fun and exciting classes for all ages and levels.

  • We are a proud member of the National Honor Society of Dance Arts.

  • Competitive opportunities and advanced technical training for dancers selected to be a member of the award winning Maximum Performance Dance Company.

  • Performance opportunities available for our performance team, the MPD "All Stars!"

  • Dance Teacher Training Program available for MPD teens looking to gain hands on teaching experience. Great for college resumes!

  • Private lessons, cheer/dance/tumbling workshops are available upon request.

  • Master Classes offered by some of the best in the industry!

  • Maximum Performance Dance is conveniently situated in the Stirling shopping district and is housed in a beautiful, new, 5,000 sq. ft. studio with shock absorbent, marley type flooring...perfect for leaping, turning, tumbling and dancing!